Automatic LED T8 -Tube 60CM -9W bullet in Microwave Sensor

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Automatic LED T8 -Tube 60CM9W bullet in Microwave Sensor standby mode 30% brightness


Giveyour home safe illumination with motion detecting security light


When the person or cars entry and exit. Intelligent induction Microwave sensing control area from distance of 6-8 meters. LED tube light will wake up automatically, with full power it is very convenient for (Home Security car parking, cars or people activity in the induction zone, the Microwave sensor Microwave tube light will always maintain full brightness


    • Intelligent Sensing Method: (Microwave – Radar Sensor)
    • Full power : 9W ( Replacing 20W ordinary fluorescent tube )
    • Tube Size : 60cm
    • Lamp Holder: T8 – G13
    • Sensing method:. Full brightness ( 100%) when movement ,dropping to 30% brightness when standby mode ) No motion )
    • Sensing Distance: Straight-line 6~8 Meters,
    • Sensing Angle: 140°
    • Lighting Delay Time: 45 seconds- 60 seconds
    • Color Temperature: cold white
    • Input Voltage: AC85-265V
    • Lamp Shape: Round
    • Beam Angle: 160°
    • Cover Material: Aluminum, PC cover
    • Surface Color: Milk white
    •  Life Span: ≥40000 Hours
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS Advantages:


  • Energy-saving, Environment friendly
  • Lead free, Mercury free, Eco-friendly, Recyclable.
  • Start without delay, No glare, No strobe light.
  • Long lifetime >40, 000 hours.


  • Home Security
  • Corridor lighting
  • Washing room lighting,
  • Storeroom lighting,
  • Balcony lighting,
  • Hallway lighting,
  • Landscape scene lighting,
  • Architectural lighting,
  • Mood lighting,
  • Companies and public facilities
  • Restroom lighting,
  • Passageway lighting,
  • Elevator room lighting,
  • Electrical room lighting,
  • Locker room, lighting
  • Basement lighting,
  • Warehouse lighting.
  • Kitchen lights


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