LED 18W Tube Light 120 cm

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  • 120 cm -T8 LED tube light replaces a standard florescent tube

    delivering more lumens per watt, have less heat, radiation, contain no mercury
    and are flicker free.

  • Also, because they produce very little heat the costs to run
    office air conditioning in the summer months will also reduce.
  • Consisting of 70 high output LED’s it produces a daylight white
    light that is ideal for office environments as it makes illuminated objects
    appear crisper.
  • Designed to replace conventional T8 Fluorescent tubes and can be replaced directly into
    any fluorescent fitting.Features:
  1. Larger beam angle, widely brightness space.
  2. Soft light, no ultraviolet, infrared, thermal radiation and mercury pollution,
  3. Glass material make sure no aging, no metamorphic.
  4. Glass tube can reduce blu-ray on retinal damage.
  5. UseLED SMD5630 as light source, which can ensure led tube brightness and long
    lifetime, also can reduce the light decay.
  6. Low power consumption and can save energy up to 90% than incandescent. 60% than
    fluorescent lamp.
  7. Encapsulated by the special craft, durable, Life span up to 40,000hrs.


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